Hello and welcome to my personal website. My name is Jonathan Lee, and I am an electrical engineer working on power electronic and electric machine applications in the aerospace industry.

In 2011, I completed my master’s degree in electrical engineering with a graduate certificate in energy analysis, and policy (EAP) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. My research interests focus on system analysis for electric power systems, power electronics, power conversion, electric machines, renewable energy sources, and public policy issues concerning energy technology and innovation.

For more information about my educational, professional, and academic background, please see my resume available in the above link, contact me at jlee.khz at gmail.com, review my page on Research Gate, or take a look at my LinkedIn page.

This website is a compilation of work and accomplishments from my undergraduate and graduate work at the University of Wisconsin Madison and beyond. During undergrad, I was highly active in the Engineers Without Borders Chapter at UW (EWB-UW), working with the Rwanda project, and traveling to Muramba, Rwanda in July 2007 as student project manager. In graduate school, I continued my work with the EWB-UW chapter, being involved with the Bayonnais, Haiti project, traveling to the country in January 2010. During this trip in Haiti, we witnessed, first-hand, the physical and social disasters and disruptions created by the 7.0 magnitude earthquake near Haiti’s capitol, Port Au Prince.

Notably, in April 2010, I participated in a team project entry, called the Microformer, which won the Climate Leadership Challenge Grand Prize.

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