Poor people’s energy outlook 2010 | Practical Action.

Here is a very interesting portion of the report just to think about for awhile: “Chapter 1 identifies the six key energy services that all people need, want and have a right to:

1) Lighting

2) Cooking and water heating

3) Space heating

4) Cooling

5) Access to information and communication technologies

6) Energy for earning a living”

Personally, I take for granted each of these six key energy services everyday, because I live in a developed country, the US. Most people in the US probably do as well. And, honestly, I am glad I can take these services for granted, because it implies, energy-wise, these foundations are solid, and I can concern myself with other things. But, in a country where these things are daily thoughts (because there is lack of access), it shows that the energy foundations for daily life are very weak, to say the least. To bolster this weak foundational energy base, finding ways to make these services the best as possible, and available for all, is all the more important.