Lecture: Engineering an Actuator, Oregon State University (Feb 1st, 2016)

Abstract: Triumph Aerospace Systems Seattle specializes in utilizing every aspect of the engineering product development process to build first-class actuators. This presentation will focus on how Triumph’s collaborative engineers, mindsets, technologies, and testing processes mold hardware and software to accomplish demanding tasks in aerospace applications. Electric braking technology and development will be used as an example.

IEEE Paper Review Volunteer

I have reviewed technical papers on electric machine and power electronic applications for both the IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, and the 2016 Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition (ECCE).

The Microformer Project

In April 2010, along with two other graduate students at UW-Madison, we won the Climate Leadership Challenge with our entry, The Microformer. The Microformer is a low-cost, DIY, 1kW transformer reengineered from a post-consumer microwave oven. For more information about this project please see the website below:

Follow us at: or @microformer

Engineers Without Borders – University of Wisconsin Madison

During my time at UW-Madison, I participated in a unique nationwide student group called Engineers Without Borders (EWB-UW). In 2007, I was the project manager for a group of students working with the community of Muramba, Rwanda. Here, we installed a rainwater collection system, advance our work with fuel briquetting, and implemented a biosand filter. After this work, I transitioned to a greater focus on electrical engineering work in developing nations, and started working with EWB-UW’s Haiti project where my focus was on solar panel installations and microhydro facilities.

Muramba, Together

When I was the student project manager for the EWB-UW Rwanda group, I organized a film crew to create a documentary about the village where we worked. This documentary, filmed and directed by Joe Sacco, is a fantastic portrayal of the people of Muramba, the life that they live, and the collaborative work that they do. The film was uploaded to YouTube in three parts and can be found on the EWB-UW YouTube Channel.

Muramba, Together: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

Engineers Without Borders – Rwanda Project Environmental Education Packet

To be updated at a later date.


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